Competitive Classes


Our Award Winning Competitive Team is for the more serious dancer. Commitment to their team, and dedication to their craft is an asset.

All Competitive Team members are required to have previous ballet training, and must participate in a technique class in order to remain on the team.

The Team travels twice a year to out of town competitions, and are required to attend the stage rehearsals for said competitions. *traveling may be postponed/cancelled due to covid.

We do not offer a spot to our competitive dancers until the age of 6 or 7 (depending on ability), and it is not a requirement at Soo Dance Unlimited.



Novice – our younger students who have never competed before.
Have had some experience in competition, and are becoming more focused dancers.
Have had a good amount of competition experience and are dedicated dancers.  More fine tuned technique, focus and expression is expected.
Dancers have had years of experience in competition.  Refined techniques, and artistic expression is mandatory, as is immense dedication to their craft and their team.
Dedication and the highest artistry, confidence and commitment is essential on the Senior Team.  Intense training and technique is integral to the growth a senior dancer.